Guillaume Morlaye (c.1510-?)

morlaye premier livre
Morlaye Premier Livre

Not much is know about Giullaume Morlaye. He was born in Paris around 1510, and records indicate that he was involved in many different business ventures, including things as unsavory as slave trade.

In the mid 1500’s Morlaye was given a permit to print music. The fruits of his labor in the guitar world were four books of four-course guitar music. He also wrote several lute books, and a few books of songs for four voices.

Morlaye’s music includes fantasias, stylized dance music, and intabulations of vocal works.

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That’s about all I could find. Seems that Morlaye has been neglected!

Repertoire Pieces by Guillaume Morlaye

Most of what we know Morlaye for are his stylized dances.

If you’re interested in hearing more Valéry Sauvage has a ton on youtube.

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